YaWaiter is a mobile App enhancing the service interaction between guests and restaurants. It is revolutionizing the dining experience and makes dining out more enjoyable and convenient by seamlessly integrating the digital with the physical world.

About YaWaiter

YaWaiter is a service platform designed for the convenience of restaurant customers as well as the benefit of restaurant owners and managers.

From the customers’ end, YaWaiter is a very simple mobile app, downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. Functions are available allowing guests to view and order directly from an electronic menu, find discounts, call for a waiter or shisha, request the bill and to access many other benefits via their mobile device. Additionally, the app is fully integrated with social media so users can engage socially while enjoying their meals.

For the restaurant, YaWaiter is a full-service software platform, enabling venues to benefit from the new digital possibilities in order to enhance their engagement with their customers. It allows restaurants to enhance the service experience to their customers trough enhanced digital interactions, to improve their operation performance through automated performance tracking, to attract new customers through an extended digital reach and to strengthen its relationship with existing guest by creating new customer insights.

The YaWaiter is revolutionizing the dining experience and makes dining out more enjoyable and convenient by seamlessly integrating the digital with the physical world.

YaWaiter for Guests

YaWaiter is a restaurant customer’s personal assistant—powered from a simple app. View a menu, call a waiter, request the bill or access promotions, directly from your smartphone. YaWaiter includes many convenient functions that will enhance your dining experience.


The YaWaiter app provides you with enhanced information that will allow you to make smart eating choices. The eMenu includes nutritional information and warns you of ingredient you are allergic to. The app also provides guest feedback on individual dishes and let you give direct feedback to the restaurant.

Engage with Friends

Connecting with friends over a meal is simple with YaWaiter. The social media features allow you to share your location, snap a photo of a great meal or tell everyone you’re having a good time. Use YaWaiter to send out invitations and to include meal recommendations.


Enhance Your Experience

With YaWaiter, you can call a waiter to your table at any time. You can order directly from the electronic menu in the app, and at the end of your meal, just request your bill with a click and your waiter will be instantly alerted. Service is individualized and swift

Get More

The YaWaiter Loyalty Program allows you to show support to your favorite restaurants and gain fantastic rewards in the process. Plus, if you keep your profile up to date, you will benefit by receiving fantastic offers from your favorite eateries and exciting new restaurants around town

YaWaiter for Restaurants

YaWaiter is a one-of-a-kind app to enhance the customer service experience for restaurants of all sizes and types. Restaurants can connect with guests in a new and exciting way, identify high-value guests, advertise current specials and work to exceed customer expectations. These are only a few of the features.

Improve Operational Performance

YaWaiter extends beyond simple customer service and helps restaurants to improve performance. Managers can remotely monitor activity level in real time. This includes information on crucial operating elements such as staff response times and customer feedback. Monitoring activity in this way drives staff performance and allows for timely interventions.

Improve Customer Experience

As a business owner, you want to improve the dining experience for every customer that walks in your door. Improved interaction is one of the most obvious benefits to a restaurant, and increased engagement leads to brand loyalty, as well as new customers.

Attract New Customers

To grow your business, attracting new customers is key. YaWaiter allows you to improve your digital presence by providing information about your restaurant anytime, anywhere. The service integrates both with your and your customers’ social media presences, allowing you to expand your reach. Yawaiter includes tools that proactively attract new customers to your door.

Strengthen Relationships

While YaWaiter helps you attract new guests it also helps you to maintain and strengthen your existing customer relationships. YaWaiter provides profiles of your current customers to make it easier to cross-sell and up-sell. The provided tools enable managers to provide a far more personal and dedicated service to existing customers.

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